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Krsna Tan| कृष्णा | 陈国明 


Krsna Tan was born in a family of talented musicians, he started his music education and learned the Sitar at the age of 5 from his father Mr. Kenny Tan who was a student of Rama Rao and internationally acclaimed guru, Ravi Shankar back in the 1980’s – 1990’s. In 2001, Krsna came in 1st at the National Indian Music Competition organized by National Arts Council. 


After years of learning and experimenting with the Sitar, Krsna came up with his own unique style of playing by incorporating techniques from the Pipa & electric guitar into the music that he plays. His music interpretations of cultures stretch the boundaries of musical traditions with his curiosity to reinvent and rearrange music tunes.


Krsna‘s innovation & creativity has open new opportunities to perform in different countries/festivals/orchestra which he is very thankful for – Singapore Sounds, Asian Contemporary Ensemble, Prague Symphony Orchestra & Melody World Orchestra, The Philharmonic Winds, Singapore Arts Festival, Causeway Exchange Festival, Soulscape, Murfest, HongKong Academy to name a few.


Not known to many, Krsna learns the SanXian & Southern Pipa and during his free time he cooks & bakes for his family. His current side project/hobby is Home Aquatic Scaping (Scaping of Fish Tanks) as a side project which he does when he is not performing or teaching.


There is no boundaries to what a musical instrument can do! It's people who creates the boundaries! - Krsna Tan 2015. 

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