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Caleb Koa


Caleb started his journey at the tender age of 4 when he first started learning the piano. After 9 years of Classical training, Caleb decided to learn about playing the keyboard, which covered Pop piano and many other genres. 


His learning of the keyboard kick-started his performing journey as he became a church musician at 11 years old and since then, Caleb has gone on to play in other venues and push himself to improve on his performance abilities. 


Caleb just recently graduated with Diploma in Music Audio & Technology. He plays for a few bands and he regularly participates in open jam sessions at various places around the city. He recently played in Esplanade’s Jazz In July Festival with two different bands and also played keyboards in the backing band for 'Kang Gary' when he visited Singapore to perform. 


Caleb strongly believes that the musical path is a journey, which takes a lifetime to go through and as a musician; he needs to work on his craft so that he can better communicate to people through his music. 

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